A guide to producing coursework for online short courses


If it is some time since you last produced work for assessment, or you feel that you would like help developing your writing and presentation skills, we hope that you will find this introductory guide to producing coursework useful. We believe that coursework is an important element in the online short courses, because it encourages independent study and provides a focus for your reading and thinking. Working on a coursework assignment allows you to pursue your own interests within the subject you are studying and to measure your own progress and achievement on your course. In addition, successful completion of the assignment and regular attendance on your course enables you to work to achieve an undergraduate-level qualification. Most online courses carry university-level credit points which can be transferred to other institutions.

Your online course will include instructions for coursework and your tutor will be able to advise you. It is important to select an assignment that interests you because it will be easier to produce a good piece of work if you enjoy what you are doing. These notes are designed to help you to tackle your coursework successfully.