Why do you need virus protection?

Computer viruses can be received in email attachments, hidden in programs, on disks or CDs, or in material that you download from the Web. If you do not have anti-virus software you might not even know that your computer is infected.

If you are already using anti-virus software (Norton, McAfee etc.) and you are satisfied that the software is up-to-date and providing adequate protection, you do not need to install AVG. We provide a link to Grisoft, and instructions for installing the AVG anti-virus software as a free (to non-commercial users) alternative.

Refer to the section 'Install AVG Anti-virus', to make sure that your computer is protected.

Note! Students using Norton Internet Security 2006 have experienced problems accessing the Oxford References Online (ORO). These are online papers and library services, and failing to connect to these resources will not prevent you from accessing your course materials. If you cannot access Oxford Reference Online (or if you are prompted for a password), please read the document Setting up Norton Internet Security 2006 which explains how to adjust the security settings of the software to allow access to these resources. If you continue to experience problems accessing Oxford References Online, contact the IT Helpdesk for further advice.