Submitting assignments

Depending on the course you are studying with the Department, you may be asked to submit your assignments online. If you are studying an online short course you will submit your assignments via your course website and should follow the online short course instructions below. If you studying an award-bearing course, and are required to submit your assignments online, you should follow the award-bearing course instructions below. If you are unsure whether you are required to submit your assignment online, please consult your course documentation or check with your course administrator.

All students submitting course assignments online will find useful information in the Optimising files for submission pages, which provides information about how to add multiple files to a single zip file and how to compress images to reduce file sizes.

We strongly recommend that you use a conventional PC or Mac to submit your assignments; however, if you only have access to an iPad, please see the Submitting an assignment using an iPad page for additional advice for using this device.