Logging in to your course

Your course joining instructions will provide details of the website address (URL) and any other information required to access your course website.

Once you have consulted your joining instructions for details of the URL of your course, follow the relevant link below for detailed instructions on how to log in. (Note: you should use the first link if your course joining instructions ask you to log in via ‘Portal’, and the other link for all other courses.)

Note: If you intend to pursue another course with us in the future, please do not assume that the login procedure and course facilities will remain the same. Our systems are periodically updated and procedures are revised – always refer to the latest copy of this guide before starting your course.

Common login problems

I can't remember my username and/or my password - If you cannot remember your username and/or password, or if you are unsure of either, then rather than wait until TALL IT Help can be contacted, you can use the automated login help option. If you access your course via ‘portal’ or with a Moodle username and password, click on the link ‘Forgotten your username or password?’, that can be found on the login page of the Moodle. If you access your course with your Oxford username you can request a new password using the Reset Password page.

The system keeps making me log in - Very occasionally, an incorrect username or password can get stuck in your browser cache and this will result in you having to continually log in to the system. Refer to the section ‘Your computer’, ‘Clearing the browser cache’ for details of how to resolve this problem.

Finishing computer use at Oxford

For students of award-bearing courses, your entitlement to use University IT Services continues until the expiry date on your University Card. You can set your University email account to forward your email to a new address for a further two months providing this is set up before your University Card expires.

We recommend that you do this to ensure that you receive any final communication about your course.

See the University IT Services website for further details.