Logging in to Moodle

Enter the URL of your course website into the address box of your browser. (You will find the URL of your course website in your course joining instructions.) Do not enter the website address in to Google or any other search engine.


You will be offered two ways to log in as illustrated in the screen below.
Choose the correct login method for you, either:

  • ‘University of Oxford Single Sign-On’, or
  • ‘Moodle account login’.

(Note that the area circled will be hidden until the ‘Show Moodle account login’ link is clicked.)

Login page

In either case, at the login prompt, enter your username and password. This should be entered exactly as it appears in your course joining instructions, paying close attention to capitalisation - passwords are case sensitive. (Ensure that 'Caps Lock' is not selected on your keyboard.)

Click the ‘Login’ button.

When you have successfully logged in to your course site, you will be presented with a list of courses - click on the appropriate link to view your chosen course of study. You are only permitted to view the course(s) that you have enrolled on; attempting to view any others will result in a request for an enrolment key. You might like to use the ‘My courses’ link in the ‘Navigation’ block, which will display just the courses you are enrolled on.

Common login problems

I can't remember my username and/or my password

If you cannot remember your username and/or password, or if you are unsure of either, then, rather than wait until TALL IT Help can be contacted, you can use one of the automated login help systems. If you access your site with an Oxford username (in the form 4 letters, 4 numbers, e.g. abcd1234) use the Reset password page.

If you access your site with a Moodle username (in the form surnameinitial, e.g. bloggsj), click on the link ‘Forgotten your username or password?’, that can be found on the login page of the Moodle.

Once you have clicked this link all you have to do is enter either your username, or the email address that you registered when you first joined the course (or the one that you changed it to), and click the ‘Search’ button.

Within a few minutes an email will be sent to you requesting that you confirm that the change was requested by you. By clicking on the hyperlink in the email, you will make the confirmation and another email will be sent with your username and a new temporary password.

Use your username and the new password to log in to the Moodle site. Once in, you will be asked to change your password to something new of your choice. It may be worth making a note of the login details if you are not sure that you will remember them.

The system keeps making me log in

Very occasionally, an incorrect username or password can get stuck in your browser cache and this will result in you having to continually log in to the system. Refer to the section ‘Your computer’, ‘Clearing the browser cache’, which can be found in the Technical Support section, for details of how to resolve this problem.