The User menu, your profile and preferences

The 'Course content' area
The drop down ‘User menu’

The User menu in the top banner of the course (as in the image on the right) gives you access to edit your profile and preferences, as well as links to the Dashboard and your Blog.

Accessing Profile or Preferences to edit them

To access your profile or preferences from click on your name (which is displayed next to your picture or the default picture at the top of the page) and then click on either ‘Profile’ or ‘Preferences’ as required.

If you access your course via the ‘Portal’ site (, you can edit your profile by logging in to ‘Portal’ and following the instructions above. If you are in your course when you want to update your profile or preferences, click on your name as above and choose ‘Profile’. Under the ‘User details’ heading click on the link to This will take you back to the ‘Portal’ site, allowing you to continue as above.

Your preferences

The ‘Preferences’ page lets you personalise how you interact with Moodle. In particular you can edit your profile, choose your preferences for interacting with forums (see ‘Getting the most from Discussion forums’ for more detail on this) and change your password as below.

Changing your password

If you access your course with a Moodle username and password and wish to change your password, click on your name in the top banner as above and choose ‘Preferences’. On the ‘Preferences’ screen click on the ’Change password‘ link under the ‘User account’ heading. Type your existing password into the ‘Current password’ box and your new password into the second and third boxes. You must then click the ‘Save changes’ button for your new password to be activated.

Please be aware that this password change will only affect this course website. Your password for all other systems will remain unchanged.

If you access your course with an Oxford username and wish to change your password, you can do this using the Change Password page.

Editing your profile

Silhouette of a person's head and shoulders.
The default user picture.

By default, your student profile is set up to display just your name and the default picture, which is illustrated in the image on the right.

Your email address is recorded on the system, but is only visible to you and your tutor. You can edit your profile to add a picture of yourself (or any other image you want to use to represent yourself), add a note to introduce yourself, or make your email address visible to other students.

If you update your profile, remember to click the ‘Update profile’ button at the bottom of the page to save the changes you have made.