Your course may contain a wiki. A wiki can be identified in the course content area by the wiki icon, which looks like this: Wiki Icon. You can also access a wiki by clicking on the link to ‘wikis’ in the ‘Activities’ block on your course homepage. A wiki allows multiple students to contribute to and edit documents online.

It makes collaborative working far easier because:

  • One person doesn't have to be responsible for collating comments from a whole group.
  • Several versions of the same document aren't circulating between group members at the same time.

If you are using the wiki for group work only the members of your group and the tutor will be able to view it.

The five main options you will use in the wiki are: ‘New’; ‘View’; ‘Edit’; ‘Comments’ and ‘History’. There are also two other features you may use: ‘Map’ and ‘Files’.

Clicking on the ‘New’ tab allows you to create a new page.
Clicking on the ‘View’ tab allows you to view any documents your group has created and to navigate between them.
To edit or add to your group's documents, click on the ‘Edit’ tab and then use the text editor to make any changes you require. The text editor works in the same way as for the forum and blog tools.
The ‘Comments’ tab allows you to make a comment about a page without editing the page itself.
The ‘History’ tab allows your tutor and your group to track the changes that have been made to your documents and see how they have changed over time. This makes it much easier to see retrospectively how the discussions have progressed.
The ‘Map’ tab gives you access to information on the site through different views, accessible through the drop down ‘Map menu’. These include seeing all your contributions, all the pages which link to the page you have just been viewing, a page index and more.
If you have uploaded any images to the wiki they will be listed here.