Bookmarking tools

What are they?

You can ‘bookmark’ websites that you will want to come back to using your web browser (on Mozilla Firefox, Bookmarks > Bookmark this page, and on Internet Explorer, Favorites > Add to favorites). However, details of any bookmarks you create in this way are stored on your computer so you can’t access them if you use a different computer.

Web-based bookmarking tools exist that allow you to collect your bookmarks on one website and access them from any computer. Additionally, bookmarking tools:

  • enable you to categorise your links through the use of tags (classifications that you can devise to help you retrieve links on related topics), and
  • allow you to share your bookmarks with anyone else who uses the same tool (though you can choose to keep some or all of your links private).

For a basic overview (with an American perspective) of how these tools work you may want to watch this short video from Common Craft.

How could they help me with my learning?

By keeping all your information about bookmarks in one place, and making it easy to find and sort them using tags, bookmarking tools make retrieving information much more straightforward. In addition, if you decide to use the “social” aspects of a bookmarking service, looking at resources others have tagged can help you find sites you might not have otherwise encountered.

How can I start using one?

Social bookmarking services tend to be free to use. One of the most popular is:

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