How to apply for permission to submit your assignment late

This page is for students on award-bearing courses who log in via Study or WebLearn – students studying any of our online short courses using Portal should contact their tutor and the online courses office for advice on submitting an assignment after the deadline.

You are expected to plan your time in order to be able to submit work by the deadline. If however, you find that you are not able to do so then you must apply for permission to submit work late. You can apply for such permission up to seven days after you submit, even if this is after the deadline (not exceeding a maximum of 21 days after the deadline). If you do not apply for, or are not granted, permission to submit late, your work will be subject to an academic penalty. For further information please see the full late submission policy in the Terms and Conditions section of the Department’s website.

To apply for permission to submit an assignment late, follow the instructions below.

  • Go to the relevant assignment submission page from our course homepage and click to open it.
  • Click Request extension.
  • In the Extension length (days) drop down menu select the number of days after the due date you intend to submit, or have submitted,  your assignment.
  • Indicate whether you are happy for Registry to share the reason for your extension request with your course director.
  • Enter any additional information about your extension request in the five text boxes.
  • If you have any evidence to support your extension request, such as a medical certificate, either send a scanned copy via email to Registry at, or contact Registry to discuss how this information should be provided.
  • Click Submit extension request.

You will see a confirmation on screen that your application has been submitted. Click Continue to return to the Submission status screen.

Requests will be acknowledged, and in most cases a decision will be made, within 2 working days. If you make your request five or more days before the deadline, you can expect to receive a decision before the deadline. If you submit your request after this, you may not receive a decision until after the deadline. You should continue to work towards the original deadline until notified otherwise. Once a decision has been made, you will receive an email informing you of the decision and giving the new assignment due date, if appropriate. Please note that all correspondence concerning late submission will be sent to your University email address.

At any time you can review the status of your request for approval of late submission by opening the relevant assignment submission page, clicking on Approved or Pending next to Request extension on the Submission status screen. Click on Status to see full details of the request.

Increasing the length of request to submit late

In exceptional circumstances, you may seek permission to increase the length of your application to submit late, for example, if you originally requested an extension of seven days but due to continued illness you need more time to complete your assignment.

Increasing an permission to 21 days or less:

If the combined total of your original request and the extra time you need to complete your assignment is 21 days or less you should follow the steps above to make a new request for the additional time required. Please note that your new request should only be for the additional days you require (not the total length of the extension from the original assignment due date). For example, if your original request was for seven days and you need three additional days to complete your assignment, your second request should be for three days (not ten days). You should include details of why you need the additional time in the textbox on the Request time extension screen.

Increasing an extension to more than 21days:

If the combined total of your original request and the additional days you require to complete your assignment is more than 21 days you should contact the Registry for an application form. Please also see your course handbook for further details about requests to adjust to assignment submission deadlines of more than 21 days.