I am having trouble submitting my assignment

If you are getting an error message when trying to submit your assignment file, please check the following before contacting us.

Are your filenames too complex?

Filenames should be kept as simple as possible. Use only alphabetic characters and numbers and always use the correct file extension.

Are your files too big?

If the file you are uploading is very large, you may find that the system ‘times out’ before the file has been completely uploaded. A very large file size is often the result of embedding uncompressed images into a Word document or PowerPoint presentation. Please refer to the Compressing images to reduce file size page for advice on how to reduce the size of your files.

Is your file the correct type?

The Department’s online assignment submission system accepts a wide range of file types. You can find details of the accepted file types for your specific assignment listed below the file upload box on the assignment submission page.
If you submit any other file types (or files with the incorrect file extension) you will receive an error message and will need to re-save your assignment in one of the permitted formats and begin the submission process again.

If you are a Mac user please see our guide to Converting .pages files to .docx files for submission.

I have checked everything and still can’t submit; what do I do now?

Please remember it is your responsibility to submit your assignment on time. If you are sure that your submission is being rejected, and you can’t find the problem, then contact TALLITHelp@conted.ox.ac.uk giving your name, course and assignment number, for further advice.

If you experience problems on the day of the deadline and you are studying an award-bearing course, please also inform the Registry that you are experiencing difficulties. Under no circumstances should you send your assignment to your Tutor or Course Director.