Your course may contain an InfoMap, a tool that lets you answer questions or gather information from the perspective of a particular location or country and share this information with other students via a map interface. You can then browse this interface to get an international comparative and global picture of the issue. An InfoMap activity can be identified in the course content area by the DatabaseIcon icon. You can also access InfoMaps by clicking Databases in the Activities block on your course homepage.

Using the Infomap

When you open the InfoMap you will see a number of tabs which you can use to take part in the activity.

InfoMap buttons

How do I add an entry?
  • Click Add entry.
  • Find your location on the map – you can use the + and buttons in the top left-hand corner of the map to zoom in and out.
  • Click on your location and a blue pin will appear. Don’t worry if you put it in the wrong location, simply click again on a new location and the pin will move.
  • Use the Description box to enter the information to be shared.
  • Once you have finished click Save and view. This will show you just your entry.
How do I edit/delete my entry?

To edit your entry you must first locate it in the database. You can use the Search tab, the View list or View single tabs, or the Show data table button underneath the map. Once you have located your entry you will see the cogicon. Clicking the cog will open an entry editor. Make your changes and click Save and view. To delete an entry first locate it in the database as above and click on the x icon.

How do I view other entries?

To see the posts of the rest of the class you can use the View list tab and click on each entry on the map to explore. Alternatively click Show data table below the map to see several entries at once.