Printing course resources

Your course is designed to be studied online. However, you may find that sometimes you want to print out parts of the course material to read away from your computer or to follow instructions while you work on a different section. With this in mind, our courses are designed to produce a clean, clear printout from your browser.

Printing short course material

To print your weekly unit content, which is identified on the course homepage by a PrintIcon icon, click on the required unit and scroll down to find the Administration block.

Click Print book to print the entire unit, or Print this chapter to print the page you are currently viewing. A new window will open with the material formatted for printing. Find the print option in your web browser to print the content.

There is no option to print the contents of discussion forums. If you wish to save any interesting posts in a forum you will need to copy and paste the text into a text editor and print it out from there.

Printing from courses on Study

Some courses have print versions of the course materials which collect together in one HTML or pdf file all the text from a unit, module or entire course. This allows you to print all the course materials without having to go into every page individually.

If your course has this option, you will find the print versions of your course content at the bottom of your course homepage or relevant section of the course. To print, click on the relevant link and then use the Print option in your browser.