A quick guide to Moodle

Most of our online courses use a learning platform called Moodle.

The following guide is designed for confident web users who would like a brief introduction to Moodle. For more advice and support you might like to browse the Using Moodle area from the homepage.

You can get to this site at any time during your study by clicking the Help button in the top righthand corner of your course.

How do I find my way around?

All features of your course can be found by visiting the course homepage. The homepage gives you links to all your course resources and discussion forums. The current week will be highlighted so you can easily find the materials for that week.

You can get back to the homepage from anywhere in your course by clicking on the title of your course in the top banner.

Another useful feature in the top banner is the User Menu which you open by clicking on your name or picture. Here you can access your profile, preferences and log out of the course.

Using Blocks

On the course homepage, you will find blocks such as Navigation, Recent activity, Activities and Search forums. These blocks give you quick access to the course content, recent postings, discussion topics and any subscription based resources that you can access while studying with us.

How do I update my profile and preferences?

In your Profile and Preferences, you can…

  • Share your photo.
  • Add information about yourself.
  • Change your password.
  • Choose how you want to view or subscribe to forums and other features.

Finding your Profile and Preferences works differently depending on the type of course you are taking.

Short courses

Login to Portal and click on your name or picture in the top banner. This must be done from Portal. If you are already in the course when you want to make this change, use the link back to the Portal page from User details in your profile (see image below).

Award-bearing courses

Login to your course and click on your name or picture in the top banner.

How do I view my assignments?

Your Assignment details and submission pages are indicated by the icon.  If your course has the Activities block click Assignments to see a list of all your assignments and their due dates. Click on a particular assignment to go to the details and submission page for that assignment.

How do forums work?

Forums are places for you to communicate with your fellow students and tutors; they can be accessed through links in the content, from the Activities block or by clicking on the links next to the Forum icon icon.

If you want to join in a discussion, click on the discussion title to open it, then click on the Reply link under any post.

If you want to start a discussion on a new subject, click the button Add a new discussion topic at the top of the page. This will take you to a new page to enter your discussion topic. Click Post to forum when you have finished to post your message.

Subscribe to a forum

Subscribing to a forum means you will be sent an email 30 minutes after somebody posts a message in that forum.

To subscribe to a discussion thread, click the Subscribe button to the right of the thread in the list (on the top ‘page’ of the forum). Or click to enter the thread, click the settings link at the top right of the page and choose Subscribe to this discussion.

To subscribe to every thread in the forum click Subscribe to this forum from the Administration block when you are in a forum.

To change the type of notification you receive, change the default setting from User menu > Preferences > Forum Preferences.

If you want to see new posts highlighted when you are in a forum, and a note on the homepage of how many new posts there have been to a given forum, do this by choosing User menu > Preferences > Forum Preferences and setting the Forum tracking option to Yes: highlight new posts for me.

Search forums

This block provides a keyword search of posts in all the discussion forums for your course.

For more detailed information on forums please go to the Discussion forums page.

How do I find out who else is on the course?

To see who else is studying the course, go to the course homepage and from the Navigation block, click Participants. Click on a name to see the person’s profile. This is also where you can find your tutor’s email address.